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You thought that you wouldn't find a community about Milla?

...you thought wrong. You're dreams have come true. *__*

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This is a community about Milla/lukreth/Tatsurou/whatever you wanna call her. We can drool here Milla, we can put fanfics, pictures...everything. ^^

This community is open to anyone who loves Milla and/or her clothes! ^____________^

I'll write something clever later.

And this community was created and is moderated by matron_.

1. You have to know who is MILLA (internet or IRL). If you don't...well, you are only wasting your time.

2. Be nice, ne? ^___^

3. Use a Lj-cut for the fics and big pics, please?

4. I will delete any post with racial/sexual or something like that, dude. So sad. How bad. >_>

And of course... HAVE FUN!

-Matron the moderator. :X-
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